Top 10 moisture wicking socks to buy

Quality socks, especially moisture wicking socks, improve the health of the feet, ankles and lower calf. They do so by improving aeration and evaporation of sweat. It is estimated that the feet of a normal person produces about 0.2 liters of sweat each day. This amount increases significantly if a person engages in vigorous physical activities.

Ordinary socks are mostly made of materials that are capable of absorbing sweat and moisture. However, they retain them and as a result become wet, with the fabric moistened by perspiration which also at times allows it to adsorb dead cells from the feet. Consequently, the sweaty socks causes the feet to become wet, and smelly due to activities of microorganisms that act on dead cells and excretions from the feet. This can also lead to infections or blistered feet, especially for individuals who engage in high-performance activities such as athletics or sports. Such individuals need performance socks.

Performance socks are made from special materials described as moisture-wicking materials. Moisture wicking materials include merino wool, nylon, and polyester, and the socks made from them are called moisture wicking socks. When the moisture wicking socks are worn, they absorb sweat from the skin of the feet, and then drag and concentrate it on the exterior surface of the socks where the moisture can evaporate quickly, easily, and safely. This ensures that the moisture wicking socks are dry and comfortable, and wear slowly.

Moisture wicking socks are comfortable to wear and last longer than ordinary socks, but there exists different types and qualities, and one needs to choose the best type that suits his or her needs. Below is a description of the top 10 moisture wicking socks in the market.

1. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

These are specialist low-cut running socks manufactured by Balega , Inc. They incorporate many unique features into a single pair of running socks. Some of these features are described below.

These moisture wicking socks feature a durable moisture-wicking fabric made of nylon infused with Dri-Stitch polyester, Endurall nylon and spandex. These materials are used to build abrasion-resistant yarn, and the DriLayer Glide technology used ensures that this yarn is woven properly into layers that make up the socks.

It also features an Achilles tab which is a slip-safe measure that prevent the wearers of the socks from slipping at their heels. It also has a front tab which protect the sock from shoe-tongue irritation. The Achilles tab and front tab form the double-tab design, which also gives the socks its name. There is also an added toe and heel cushioning, that provide some degree of protection as well as improve comfort during wear.

An additional feature in these moisture wicking socks is the targeted arch compression which is designed to give the wearer some degree of arch support as well as provide comfort. Likewise, on the upper surface of the socks, there is a mesh, and this is designed to increase ventilation which ensures that the feet are properly aerated.

This socks also features a lace guard, and anatomical right-left construction. They come in two color schemes; black-nightlife and asphalt-red colors. Based on the aforementioned features and quality of fabric, it is therefore evident that the Ravenna Double Tab is one of the best moisture wicking socks in the market today.

2. PhD Cycle Ultra-Light Pattern Crew socks

These moisture wicking socks are made by Smartwool, a U.S based company. They are purposely built for cycling trips. Their fabric is made of Merino Wool (49 percent), Nylon (47 percent), and Elastane (4 percent). The mesh ventilation zones in the socks are strategically placed so as to ensure optimal airflow that is central to temperature, ventilation, and moisture management. Their average height is 8 inches, and this means that they cover the lower half of the calves, and also shield them from debris.

They feature a 4-degree elite fit system and virtually seamless toe. The elite fit system is designed to use two elastics to create maximum stretch and full recovery, and this allows the socks to maintain their size, shape, and durability; besides improving their lifespan.

Smartwool uses ReliaWool, a patented technology, to design and build the high-impact regions of the socks so as to guarantee maximum cushioning and protection of the feet during long cycling trips. The ultra-light cushion not only keeps the weight of the socks at the bare minimum, but it also ensures a close-fit, especially if the wearer is wearing cycling shoes.

The Smartwool PhD Cycle Crew socks allows the wearer to train and take part in multi-day cycling tours while maintaining the feet in a dry and cool state throughout the exercise period. This makes Smartwool PhD Cycle Crew socks one of the best moisture wicking socks to date.

3. Stance Railway Low-Weight Tab

The Railway low-weight tab is a low-cut moisture wicking sock made by Stance. They are designed to maintain the feet in a dry and cool state during workouts. They feature a breathable mesh that is made from water-wicking infused fabrics. The principal materials of the fabrics are nylon and polyester. The mesh is specially designed to ensures optimal ventilation, especially on the upper section and arch of the feet.

These moisture wicking socks feature anatomically correct designs, which means that the socks for the right and left foot are distinct from each other and can be easily identified. They also feature a reflective logo that increases visibility.

The Fusion Rock feature allows the sock to have a snug fit, as well as offer unrivaled feet support. Its secure super-cozy snug fit is enhanced by a reinforced heel cushion, while the front cushion provides a cozy fit for the toes.

The Railway low-weight tab socks offer exceptional durability and maintain a clean appearance, and this alongside the aforementioned features makes them one of the top-rated moisture wicking socks.

4. Lululemon No Sock Sock

These moisture wicking socks are made by Lululemon Athletica. They are designed to be no-show, anti-stink socks that can keep shoes smelling crisp even after the wearer has engaged in intense physical exercises. Their breathable fabric play a key role in preventing bad odor from developing in the shoes and socks. This breathable fabric is made predominantly from nylon yarn, and is well woven to ensure that the feet are dry and cool during exercises. The silver brand of No Sock Sock is the best among the running socks made by Lululemon.

The anti-odor technology used by Lululemon to make the No Sock Sock brand also improves its mesh design, and this promotes optimal airflow throughout the socks. These socks feature supportive cushion and tight-fit, especially for the ankle segment which wraps tightly along the ankle.

Based on its features and product quality, it is evident that the No Sock Sock Silver is one of the best moisture wicking socks in the market today.

5. Elite Cushion Quarter

The Elite Cushion Quarter is made by Nike, and is designed primarily as running socks. They are made using Dri-Fit technology, which enhances their sweat wicking capabilities, as well as improves their anti-odor properties. The fabric is made from nylon, polyester, and elastane.

These socks feature a three-tier cushioning, and this allows them to provide comfort, in addition to maintaining the feet in a clean and dry state. Also, their lightweight mesh improves aeration without adding weight. Moreover, their heel pocket features a Y-stitch which serves to secure the grip and also provide a no-slip fit.

The elite cushion quarter also features a reinforced toe fit, and its anatomically-fit construction allows the user to identify the right and left socks with ease. These aforementioned features makes the Elite Cushion Quarter a highly-rated moisture wicking socks.

6. Bombas Striped Quarters

The Striped Quarters are made by Bombas. They are designed for athletic performance. They feature a Y-stitched heel, honey-comb support system, a performance foot-bed, and a sure-fit cuff for the ankle region. The breathable mesh is made of quality moisture-repelling fabric.

The moisture-repelling material of its fabric incorporates extra-long staple cotton, and this enhances its ability to draw sweat from the feet, as well as promote its evaporation. Likewise, the materials also improve the anti-odor properties of the socks. Even so, the socks is also built using anti-odor technology which not only enhances its anti-odor properties, but also incorporates anti-infection features into the socks. One of these features is the protective tab built to snug along the entire ankle where it functions to prevent blisters from developing. This ensures that the integrity of the skin is maintained, hence averting infections that occur when the skin is breached.

Bombas also implements a unique sales strategy with regards to the Striped Quarters, with its official website stating that for every Striped Quarters purchased, the company commits to gift another pair to a disadvantaged family residing in the U.S. This measure of philanthropy guarantees the buyer that every purchase of these moisture wicking socks not only renders a quality product, but it also assists a disadvantaged family improve their lives.

The stripped design of the socks enhances their appearance. Thus, the Bombas Striped Quarters offer durability, and also maintain a sleek appearance, and this makes them one of the top-rated moisture wicking socks.

7. NBx Hydrotec No Show

These low-cut moisture wicking socks are made by New Balance, and are designed for workouts. They are made using the patented Dry Technology, which is used to enhance the sweat wicking capacity of the fabric. This fabric is made of nylon, polyester, Hydrotec Polyester, and Lycra Spandex.

Its anatomical constructions allows for easy identification of the right and left socks. It also features a seamless toe design which support a close fit. Likewise, it has a fit arch support feature which protects the arch of the feet as well as ensures a snug fit.

These socks ensure that the feet are cool and dry during workout exercises, and this makes them one of the top-rated moisture wicking socks.

8. 2XU Performance socks

The 2XU Performance socks are made by a U.S-based company, and are designed for athletic races. For this reason, they are also called X performance run socks. Its design features a compression panel that allows the socks to pump blood and hence enhance blood flow in the feet and legs. This also increases the overall performance of the athlete, as well as sooths the feet during the recovery period. It is for this reason that the company markets these socks as X Compression performance running socks.

Its fabric is made of high-filament yarns made from nylon infused with spandex. It has a special mesh panel that is well-placed on the upper-side section of the feet, and this ensures that there is optimal moisture management so that the feet can be maintained in a dry state. Apart from promoting sweat evaporation, the mesh panels also prevent bad odor from developing.

The compression fabric of the socks provide some degree of arch support; while the toe cage is lightly padded to enhance comfort as well as prevent cuts or blisters from developing. These features makes 2XU Performance socks a highly-rated moisture wicking socks.

9. Mens Active Pro Coolmax Crew

The Mens Active Pro socks are made by Eddie Bauer using the Coolmax technology. It covers the feet and the lower parts of the calves. The Coolmax technology is used to optimize the sweat wicking capacity of the fabric, as well as maximize airflow around the feet so that they are maintained cool and dry at all times. The fabric used is polyester that is infused with cotton, rubber, and spanex.

These performance socks are designed for hiking expeditions. The placement of the mesh vents complements the aeration capacity built by the Coolmax technology. The cushions in these socks are selectively placed in the toe and heel regions so as to provide comfort and ensure a close-fit. Likewise, the deep heel pocket increases the heel support.

The socks covers the leg to the mid-calf height, and this wards off the debris thus ensuring that the wearer can run without being irritated by debris falling on the skin. These features makes these socks to be one of the top-rated moisture wicking socks.

10. UA Performance Mid Crew

These performance socks are made by Under Armour (UA), and are designed for workouts and training sessions. They are made using a unique technology called Moisture Transport System, which allows the fabric of the socks to push sweat from the feet to the surface of the socks where it can evaporate. This also allows the socks to quickly cool and dry the feet. It also contributes to its anti-odor properties.

These socks are properly cushioned in the high-impact areas, including the heel, ankle, and toes. It also features an arch support. These quality and aforementioned features these performance socks one of the highly-rated moisture wicking socks.