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An in depth review plus pros and cons of the best GPS Running Watches of 2017 Buying Guide
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10 Best GPS Running Watches Tested for Performance
A watch with a Global Positioning System (GPS for short) is practical for just about anyone who holds that wanderlust. This is especially true for runners, who just go. Not only does a GPS system help track where you are, and where you need to be; the functionality can also be paired with apps such a...
An in depth review of the Garmin VivoActive activity watch in 2017
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Garmin VivoActive
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The Garmin VivoActive watch is an ultra-thin addition to the lineup of GPS and smart watches sold by Garmin, one of the most reputable and noteworthy smartwatch producers out there. Its appeal is predicated on its lightweight build which weighs markedly less than similar watches while still providing...
An in depth review of the Suunto Spartan Ultra activity watch
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Suunto Spartan Ultra
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The Spartan Ultra, an integral part of Suunto’s Spartan smartwatch collection, is a top of the line GPS watch that has numerous multi sport modes, great durability, style, and hundreds of apps and widgets to choose from through Suunto’s app store. It comes in several colors and is offered in premium ...
An in depth review of the New Balance Run IQ activity watch
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New Balance RunIQ
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Because it is one of the cheaper GPS watches on the market, the New Balance RunIQ watch has gained traction and popularity amongst smartwatch users. At a base price of $299.99, this product is more accessible for the masses to purchase and at the same time is still able to provide real time GPS track...
An in depth review of the Suunto Spartan Sport HR watch in 2017
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Suunto Spartan Sport HR
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Suunto, an adventure Sports Performance Company, has diving gears, accessories, premium and sports class watches to offer. Prior to the launch of Suunto Spartan Sports HR, its sports watch category just didn’t do justice for the company. Some watches were providing real-time HR monitor, while Suunto ...
An in depth review of the Garmin Fenix 5s activity watch in 2017
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Garmin Fenix 5s
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The Fenix 5s watch is one of Garmin’s most expensive smartwatch model, and its hefty price tag is a result of its top of the line features. It’s made from a combination of silicon, steel, sapphire crystal (premium version only) and fiber-reinforced polymer which make it sturdy, water-resistant, and c...
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