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An in depth review plus pros and cons of the best GPS Running Watches of 2017 Buying Guide
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10 Best GPS Running Watches Tested for Performance
A watch with a Global Positioning System (GPS for short) is practical for just about anyone who holds that wanderlust. This is especially true for runners, who just go. Not only does a GPS system help track where you are, and where you need to be; the functionality can also be paired with apps such a...
An in depth review of the Suunto M5 activity watch and heart rate monitor
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Suunto M5
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A fitness watch with exercise guidance has arrived. The Suunto M5 is a watch made for multi-sport exercise. With a built-in heart rate monitor for fitness lovers, this watch offers you smart exercise guidance and adaptive training programs based on your own personal data. The M5 measures a lot more t...
An in depth review of the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor watch
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Polar FT4
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The Polar FT4 is a heart monitor that is easy to operate, containing small but useful options for its settings it hits the most important functions spot on. Making this watch efficient in the main functions it provides the user. FT4 has two settings for heart rate view which is a nice touch depending...
An in depth review of the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor in 2017
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Polar RS100
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A stopwatch and heart rate monitor in one, with a variety of other very important features and abilities. The display screen is very visible, and it is waterproof at a high level. The heart rate monitor has options, many options for advancing in your fitness training sessions. It is designed with sle...
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