10 Best Kinesiology Tapes for Runner and Athletes

10 Best Kinesiology Tapes

Kinesiology tape is a slim, elastic, flexible strip having an acrylic adhesive able to help several muscular and skeletal injuries as well as relieve pain. It is identical to the epidermal layer in both depth and suppleness, so that it does not restrict the body movements. Here are the 10 Best Kinesiology Tapes for Runner and Athletes.

1. Beast Tape – Master of Muscle

Perfect for great performance, damage recovery and pain alleviation. Beast Tape is created specifically to help you go harder for much longer in the exercise sessions. It promotes healing and boosts energy functionality. IDEAL for most essential injury prone areas. The tape is latex free and made of excellent waterproof material combined with heat activated adhesive lasting for long.

2. KT Tape

KT TAPE is applied along muscle groups, ligaments, and tendons to deliver a lightweight support that can help you perform even during injuries. KT Tape creates neuromuscular response that encourages much stronger healing. It comprises of 100% cotton fibers and ultra-durable synthetic fabric to offer longevity and enhanced strength. It also provides moisture release preventing itching and inflammation.

3. RockTape

RockTape is perhaps world’s finest kinesiology tape. You can use it to heal several injuries including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, back pain and runner’s knee. RockTape microscopically elevates skin away from the muscle and fascia below, thereby decompressing the affected area and promoting blood flow. Stretchier, stickier and stronger, RockTape is recommended by doctors around the world.


VARA KT operates as a lightweight bracing membrane which gives help and relieves suffering. Unlike tensor bandages, the tape branches towards the epidermis with an adhesive in order to create an alternate layer of skin, and users experience comfortable, enhanced range of flexibility and non-constricted blood circulation. The tape is supposed to be used for several days at the same time without the need to replace.

Vara Kinesiology Tape 2-inch x 16.4 ft Uncut Rolls
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Price: $8.47
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5. Wrap-It-Up – KeepFit

Wrap-It-Up allows a much stronger & more durable encounter being water-resistant and remaining intact for long. Allows peak performance without irritating your skin. Its great for Running, Cycling, Mountain biking, Hiking and a number of other injuries associated with physical activities. It helps in pain alleviation in knee, neck and other joints, allowing for a quick recovery.

6. EX9 Tape

EX9 Tape can help increase performance, delay the physical fatigue, recover and Rehabilitate injuries and aid in maintaining the correct form without lowering flexibility. It supplies compression and decompression because of its unique “one-way-stretch” capabilities. Eases the pain and infection, boost blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. The tape is water resistant, latex free and uses advanced acrylic adhesive.

7. 3B Scientific Tape

3B tapes have a skin-friendly, thermoplastic acrylic adhesive that can be used to thrust moisture and sweat out of the tape. It is generally air-permeable and stretched lengthways by around 130 -140 %. 3B tapes are widely-used in kinesiology taping treatment options of muscle fascia, tendons and performance development by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. 3B Tapes are constructed from a latex-free, hypoallergenic material and are perfect for all sports related injuries.

8. Kinesiology Tape – VIVE

The tape is sweat proof and a long lasting product having a glue that will hold all day up. It helps reduce pain and prevent injuries brought on from heavy-lifting and sports. It abides by skin and flexes your muscles and the entire body’s motions without hampering your movements like other restrictive tapes. Stickier, hypo-allergenic and made with water tolerant adhesive that remains intact during physical activities.

9. StrengthTape

StrengthTape is definitely a kinesiology sports tape which can be used to back up many common injuries. Kinesiology tape is unique and different from other similar tapes both in the way of application as well as the feel. Rather than placing the tape entirely around the injured region, this tape can be used on specific areas right over and around the injury. The distinctive, flexible properties offer assistance in body movements and help to improve circulation and lymphatic blood supply.

10. REVIVE – Fitdom

REVIVE is a premium kinesiology tape that does not include any medication. It lifts our skin somewhat and raises blood flow thereby decreasing inflammation. Alleviates discomfort by firmly taking pressure off the nerve receptor below the skin. It allows full-range of motion while offering great joint support. It guarantees to remain on for up to 1 week as the included Spandex helps flexibility whereas the water-resistant properties and hypoallergenic adhesive make the tape comfortable to wear.